Coronavirus-central project

Misinformation is perhaps the most dangerous side effect of the corona virus. In recent weeks we have been bombarded by fake news, conflicting, partial and unscientifically unfounded news that have triggered two polar opposite but equally dangerous behaviors in the world population: on the one hand the excessive spread of panic, on the other very superficial measures to prevent contagion.

We at SIDI have always studied the mechanisms of the diffusion of innovation, to predict the threats and opportunities it brings. In this moment of climax and tension, just as happens during the hype phases of innovation, there is a substantial distance between what people perceive and what happens in objective reality.

As an institution, we feel compelled to do something. We are very concerned about the effects of the spread of panic over an influenza virus is having on the lives of the population and the world economy.

We decided to create this platform today in order to have a tool to combat the misinformation of the current situation and, above all, to be ready in case of much more dangerous future scenarios.

We were caught by surprise once, it won’t happen again.

Our volunteers will progressively implement extremely useful functions, in order to create a unique framework where they can find the right answers so as not to give in to fear, the guidelines for correct prevention and the direct emergency numbers of the competent government authorities in each country.

This portal is a free and non-profit initiative, your contribution is very valuable to improve it every day.

Functions and services under development

Operator Forum
Development phase 80%
Platform for the management of volunteers
In the planning phase 50%
Personalized Interactive Map
In the planning phase 50%
Putting the quarantine period "to good use"
Concept 35%
App Android & IOS
In the planning phase 50%


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